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Pre-Chiro Club

Starting a Pre-Chiro Club at your local university is easier than you think! Follow these easy steps:

  • Research school’s process for starting a club
  • Find a current student who is willing to be the interim president until the club is started and/or a faculty/staff member who is willing to be the club advisor.
  • Assist the student and/or advisor in finding more students to meet the minimum requirement for the club.
  • Follow the club guidelines to complete the process
  • Start holding meetings and talking Chiropractic!


Office Presentation

  • One of the easiest SREs to host is an Office Presentation. Pick a date, promote, and host! Prospective students love this set-up as it gives them the opportunity to check out a chiropractic office and see the doctor in their environment.


Dinner Presentation

  • Several LIFEforce 1000 doctors find success hosting SRE dinners at local restaurants. If you request a recruiter to assist you with the evening, LIFE will pay for all the food associated with the event. If you choose to host the dinner on your own, then thank you in advance for your contribution to the SRE program.


Career Fair

  • Hosting a booth at career or health fairs at a local high school or college is a great way to reach out to the community at large. Let LIFE know via SRE@LIFE.edu that you will be participating in a local fair and include the fair’s date, location, and estimated attendance. We will send you brochures and promotional goodies to hand out!


One on One

  • A SRE can be just as easy as talking one on one with a prospective student about a future as a chiropractic. Ask each of your patients, “Have you ever thought about becoming a chiropractor?” and see what they say!


High School Presentation

  • Talking with high school juniors and seniors is a great way to pique their interest in a career in chiropractic and education your community. Contact your local high schools and ask if they are having career days and looking for speakers in the health care field.