SRE How-To

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Use this checklist to organize a smooth and successful event.

Assign your staff to manage the checklist, to serve as a liaison with your Life representative, and to identify potential opportunities for promotion. If you would like to request a representative, please provide for 6-8 weeks’ notice to coordinate schedules.

6 Weeks Prior to SRE

  • Assign staff member as contact person/project manager
  • Create contact list of like-minded local DCs to network with
  • Call like-minded local DCs and affirm their willingness to assist
  • Create contact list of local schools (high schools, colleges)
  • Create target list of people within your practice to invite
  • Confirm venue (office, fair, restaurant) with LIFE representative


5 Weeks Prior to SRE

  • Send invite package (letter and fliers) to school contacts
  • Send SRE checklist to other participating DCs
  • Hand out fliers/invites to potential guests from practice
  • Hand out fliers to patients who may know a potential guest
  • Begin to sign up guests (capture email and phone numbers)


4 Weeks Prior to SRE

  • Call participating DCs to confirm that they received materials
  • Call school contacts to confirm that they received materials
  • Continue to hand out fliers/invites to practice members


2 Weeks Prior to SRE

  • Continue to hand out fliers/invites to practice members
  • Check in with Life Representative
  • Call participating doctors to confirm guest counts/RSVPs


1 Weeks Prior to SRE

  • Email all spreadsheets to Life Representative
  • Send confirmation email (or phone call) to all registered guests
  • Confirm final counts and details with Life Representative


Follow Up After SRE

  • Keep in touch with Life Representative if potential student visits your office
  • Email the SRE sheet provided to LIFEforce 1000 at
  • Let us know how we can help in the future
  • Schedule next SRE