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LIFEforce 1000 is a group of 1,000 dynamic Chiropractors who have committed to Changing the World.

About LIFEforce 1000

We believe that 1,000 members of a committed tribe can make the difference in helping Life University spread principled, vitalistic chiropractic and Lasting Purpose around the world. Our tribe will not stop until we have established worldwide access to Chiropractic and a chiropractic education for anyone who wants it. We are establishing clinics and schools in China and Costa Rica, creating a world class think tank (Octagon) for thought leadership and social change, transforming chiropractic education and the campus, and creating a waiting list of students to get into Life University.

The LIFEforce 1000 tribe is currently dedicated to two projects: looking for 1,000 committed members and filling Life University with students who are passionate and will spread Chiropractic around the world, now and for decades forward. Why are we doing this? Because we are barely graduating enough DCs to replace those retiring or passing away. There are 1.1 million MDs in the U.S.; there are only 68,000 chiropractors. Worldwide, it’s even more dramatic. The European Union has 700 million people; there are less than 5,000 DCs. China is home to 1.3 billion people, and there are about 20 DCs. Life University is both committed to increasing the influence of the profession here in North America, and starting chiropractic programs throughout world. We need your help.

The Commitment

LIFEforce 1000 is a group of 1,000 dynamic Chiropractors who have committed to each other to do three things:

  • Attend 1 LIFEforce 1000 Insiders’ Weekend at Life University in the next year.
  • Conduct 2 Student Recruitment Events (SREs) each year in their community.
  • Send 5 students to LIFE University in the next 5 years

We are limiting this partnership to 1,000 doctors. If this is of interest to you, please apply for a spot at Become a Member